Adolescent Treatment

There is no doubt that the majority of orthodontic patients in complete treatment, with full braces, are children. The average age range for the beginning of this comprehensive care is usually 11 – 14 years of age, the so called adolescent or teenage years.

Factors that influence when to begin such treatment include the rate and amount of facial growth and development as well as the eruption of the permanent teeth.

As a general rule, since most girls reach growth maturity sooner than most boys, beginning treatment at the earlier age range for girls is common.

The key to successful orthodontic treatment during these special years is the wise use of the significant amount of facial growth changes that occur. This allows us to attain incredible and often unbelievable orthodontic results for our patients.

In our practice, there is no greater reward for us than seeing that first smile, when the braces are taken off. The differences that new smile makes in that teen-ager’s self-confidence and new appearance tells the world how good they feel about themselves. These changes that we can make for your child in a few years is simply, quite amazing. This is what we love about what we do.