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Joe, Sue, Sarah, and Hannah Myers

It is with a bittersweet feeling that I write this note. We have been part of your office for many years as you have treated our daughters, Sarah and Hannah. We are so very grateful for the excellent care we received from all of you. We were treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. I would and have recommended you over and over. Your office is quite unique in that you respect one another. You are all very competent in your skills both dentally and professionally. It’s bittersweet because we will miss seeing all of you and sharing laughter and stories. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts all you did for our family.

Jen and Adam Gross

Thank-you for your wonderful care and treatment of our daughter. Lauren is SO happy. Straight teeth are so much more than a perfect smile. Lauren was so self-conscious about her “snaggle tooth” as she named it. I could see a whole new layer of self-confidence when I dropped her back off at high school. I am writing with tears of joy, because my little girl is growing up and she is more confident. That is a priceless gift. If Aiden needs braces, we will be back. Even mom is thinking of getting her teeth "tweaked” after years of shifting post orthodontics. We just love you and your amazing staff. Thank-you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Karen Fenstermacher

Thank-you for making my experience one of your oldest orthodontic patients so pleasurable! The staff is so welcoming and professional. I enjoyed talking to all those I can in contact with. Dr. Stush I have one regret… that I didn’t come to you years ago! Thank-you for restoring my confidence in my smile!

Kathy P.

Dear Dr. Stush and Staff, I’m am SO glad I finally decided (in my progressing middle age) to have my teeth straightened. All those commercials about people not smiling in pictures and standing in the corner at parties are so true. That was me. Covering my smile with my hand because I was embarrassed by my teeth was a regular occurrence. And pictures? Forget it. Finally, it was a decision I had to look into. After talking to a few orthodontists and feeling very frustrated with what they were telling me I met Dr. Stush and his staff. Why in the world would anyone go anywhere else?!! The entire time I felt like I was with my friends who straightened my teeth. Simple as that…You are so wonderful. I am so appreciative of such a wonderful experience and the only thing that is negative is that I now don’t see you every month and I miss you all! But I am smiling! And I am happy with pictures of myself. And you have made my life so much better. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Nichole N.

Dr. Stush and Staff, Thank-you so much for my beautiful smile. It was a long road but you never gave up. Every appointment you gave it your all and your staff were always friendly. A big thank-you to Tara who made every appointment fun and made me feel so comfortable. I knew I was in good hands when I saw her with my file. Your office goes above and beyond and Dr. Stush is an amazing doctor. You are my number one choice for my daughters and to all my friends and family.

Jason, Amy & Ethan W.

I just wanted to tell Dr. Stush how touched we were with the handwritten note to Ethan and the very nice letter to Jason and I following Ethan’s consultation. We felt very comfortable and at ease, not to mention relieved to know that the problem could be fixed in a much less invasive way. Brenda was also equally wonderful during the consultation process.

Tonya, Trent, Grant & Blake W.

Dr. Stush is the best! That is exactly what I tell everyone when they ask me about orthodontic care. Dr. Stush is such a friendly professional that is complemented by a wonderful and caring staff that supports him. Every patient is given personal attention that makes each visit enjoyable. That is what makes a Dr. Stush smile different from all the rest! If you are considering orthodontics for yourself or your family, as I have for myself and my three boys, Dr. Stush is the only name you need to know when it comes to orthodontic care.

Diane Baker

To Dr. Stush and everyone who works with you, Thank you so much! My teeth look beautiful, you took excellent care of me, and I am very pleased. You and your staff are very compassionate and it really makes a difference. Thank you for everything, I really enjoyed the gift bag as well. You really surprised me!

Mike and Melissa Lynch

Dear Dr. Stush, We want to thank you and your staff for the excellent treatment that all three of our kids received over the last several years. Their smiles can “speak for themselves.” We want to also commend you and your staff for the professionalism that was and is always on display. Every detail in the office was executed to perfection and in our opinion we have never been in a more professional office environment. You and your staff will always receive the highest recommendation from us.

Jessica Clemens

Dr. Stush & Gang, Thank you for everything, for making my smile a lot better then what it was. You guys make me smile more than I did before I had braces! Dr. Stush you were the nicest orthodontist ever! So thank you very much. Your nurses that took care of me are very nice also, & I also want to thank them too! Once again, thank you for making a beautiful smile & a happier me about my smile!