First Visit

This initial consultation includes a state-of- the-art, digital, panoramic radiograph (X-ray of the teeth and jaws), digital facial and dental photos, with a thorough clinical, facial and oral evaluation.

After reviewing these diagnostic aids, Dr. Stush will carefully outline and explain any needed orthodontic treatment, especially explaining when it would be best to start treatment. If it is too early to start treatment, patients will be followed with growth and development supervision (recall appointments) until the timing for their particular treatment needs is proper. As in so many instances, “Timing is everything.” Proper timing for orthodontics results in minimal time in braces to achieve that great, healthy smile!


Orthodontic insurance may be a part of your overall dental health care coverage. As there are numerous orthodontic companies and plans available, general statements regarding coverages are usually not accurate and can be confusing. When you come to our office for your initial consultation visit, we will take all the time necessary to help you understand your particular coverage and how we can help you to maximize those benefits. Read more about making your treatments more affordable.


T.LINK provides secure, Web-based access to the information patients request most, such as, appointment dates and times, account balances, online payment options and more. T.LINK features a host of interactive options to keep you connected to our practice and provide convenience for our patients.

T.LINK offers:

  • E-mail appointment reminders, recalls, no-show notices, balance reminders, practice newsletters or other online messages.
  • Secure, online payments via credit card or bank draft.
  • Protected patient access to information with a secure, personal PIN (online or toll-free).
  • Appointment dates and times, account history and current balance online