Office Updates Relating to COVID-19

Hello everyone.  Summer is almost here and the vaccines have been rolled out.  Now all that needs to happen is to get those vaccines into everyone’s arms. The vaccines have been proven to be extremely effective  in preventing Covid and reducing hospitalizations and deaths from this deadly virus.

We continue to rely on our ADS extra-oral vacuum systems during patient care to reduce aerosols during our procedures. We added them last August and remain very impressed with their function during treatment even if they sound like a small vacuum cleaner near the chair.  They work well and patient acceptance has been very good.  Just another investment we’ve made to keep us all safe.  It is just part of our ongoing commitment to excellent and thoughtful patient care. 

We  screen all patients and parents who enter the building with “no -touch” thermometers to check body temperatures. If the temperature is above 99.6 we will reschedule that appointment as a precaution as per CDC guidelines. Also, if you have flown on a plane or have been to distant areas of the country or out of the U.S., especially to a COVID-19 hot spot, we will  reschedule your appointment for at least 10 days or longer to ensure a safe office environment for everyone.  That will be our policy and the norm for quite some time into the future.

We really appreciate the support and phone calls we have gotten from our families and patients with communicating regarding potential exposures they may have had allowing us to reschedule in a timely manner.  Thank you for keeping everyone’s well-being a primary concern. Kudos to you.  

We ask that all patients and parents wear an appropriate face mask to all appointments and use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the main office area.  As we seem to be gaining the upper hand in this pandemic, please continue to practice all the appropriate social distancing measures when indicated, good hand hygiene and wear those masks when out of the house as that is your best protection from the virus.  The virus is still out there and  isn’t going anywhere.  Take precautions and stay healthy.   


We are still very pleased with our communication system via a Virtual Treatment Appointment for initial consultations and treatment planning appointments on our website,  From the comfort of your home on this secure site,  you can upload photos (taken with your cell phone) to help us answer any questions you may have about your current orthodontic treatment and progress. It is also a way to upload photos for us to evaluate if you have any problems, such as loose brackets, bands or broken chain. To start the process just click on the Blue Tab on the lower left hand corner of our website home page. That will take you to the Virtual Treatment page.

This option remains available for new patients who would like to have a Virtual Screening Appointment to see if they are a prospective orthodontic patient here. It is also a way for us to review treatment plans for new patients, saving you a trip to the office to discuss recommended treatment. 

For all our patients, we are available to help those who have orthodontic emergencies or problems with their braces or orthodontic devices.  In addition to calling for an appointment,  you can also send a photo(s) to help us decide what is needed for you. We are here Monday through Thursday, 8 AM to 5 PM with lunch at 12 – 1, as our office has settled back into a “masked” routine.

If we do not answer during the day because we’re assisting with our patients, just leave a message and we will return that call as soon as possible.  If it is an after-hours braces problem, use the phone number listed on the office answering machine to call and leave a message on my home phone.

Take care and stay healthy….have a great summer and remember, be careful out there!!!

Dr. Al Stush and Team