Office Updates Relating to COVID-19

Hi Everyone. Good News!! As of May 11th, our office is open for routine orthodontic treatment visits as the Governor has given our area a yellow designation as well as the lifting of restrictions on orthodontics and dentistry by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  We have done our research and worked hard over the last eight weeks, yes that has been awhile, to transform and update our office to maintain physical distancing recommendations, perform frequent surface disinfection to protect both our patients and our orthodontic team to the best of our ability. Those changes include Plexiglas sneeze screens at the front desk areas and treatment planning room, spaced reception area chairs and distancing stanchions. We have also secured adequate PPE for our team to complete your visits as safely as possible. We ask that all patients and parents wear an appropriate face mask to all appointments and use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the main office area.  Even though we are in  yellow status, please continue  to practice all the social distancing measures, good hand hygiene and wear those masks when out of the house.  

Shortly after this pandemic began, we set up a new way to communicate with you via a Virtual Treatment Appointment service on our website,  From the comfort of your home on this secure site,  you can upload photos (taken with your cell phone) to help us answer any questions you may have about your current orthodontic treatment and progress. It is also a way to upload photos for us to evaluate if you have any problems, such as loose brackets, bands or broken chain. To start the process just click on the Blue Tab on the lower left hand corner of our website home page. That will take you to the Virtual Treatment page.

This option is also available for new patients who would like to have a Virtual Screening Appointment to see if they are a prospective orthodontic patient here. 

For our current patients, as always, I am available to help those who have orthodontic emergencies or problems with their braces or orthodontic devices. Now, you can send a photo(s) to help us decide what is needed for you.

Our office will be calling to reschedule patients who were cancelled due to the Covid-19 mandatory closure. We will try to minimize the interruption of your orthodontic treatment but please remember the closure was eight weeks. That is time we cannot regain. We appreciate your understanding during these times, which seem to be improving. Hopefully, we have turned the corner on this pandemic.

As usual, if you have any orthodontic problems, please call the office as we have reopened.

If we are not here, use the phone number listed on the office answering machine to call and leave a message on my home phone.

Take good care and stay safe and healthy.  We all look forward to seeing you again.


– Dr. Al Stush and Team